Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Pilgrim Teenager: Salt and Light

At our Youth Ministry meetings on Wednesday night we have been studying the Sermon on the Mount.  The last few weeks we talked about being salt and light.  We are not encouraged to be salt and light by Christ we are pronounced to be salt and light by Him!  We are here for the express purpose of bringing a savory, purifying, and winsome message of the light of the gospel to a lost world.  If we say that we are Christians and we are not doing this than we deny the essence of who we are.  

I am reading The Pilgrims of New England  by Annie Webb-Peploe.  It is a very interesting book and fills in many of the gaps that I had about understanding the pilgrims.  

I am particularly struck by young Henrich Maitland and how he became salt and light.  His father had killed an Indian Chief's son in an early skirmish in which the pilgrims were attacked.  Henrich himself was shot in the leg in the skirmish and almost died.  While he recovered he was discipled by Brewster and elder of the pilgrims.  Later her learned Indian ways and the local dialect from another friendly tribe.  The chief sent a party that was finally able to kidnap Henrich.  He was spirited far away from his family and friends and they thought he had died.  His life was spared, but he was all alone among a heathen nation.  Here instead of becoming despondent or amalgamating to the new culture, he evangelized his young companion: the chief's daughter who had begged for his life.  

As he spoke with her day after day about the one true supreme being and His Son, Jesus Christ the savior, she came to know the love and joy of Christ!  In the chapter I am reading now he is evangelizing a new friend!  

All of this for Henrich at the age of maybe 13 or 14 years old!  

While I don't agree with everything in this book, I would highly recommend it from what I have read so far.  These simple pilgrims were faithful people who lived the truth and trained their children to truly walk with God and understand the gospel!  What a missionary adventure!  

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