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Did Mary the mother of our Lord appear near Green Bay, WI?

The Green Bay Press Gazette Reports Virgin Mary apparitions at Green Bay-area shrine recognized as first in U.S.

I used to live just down the road from the spot in Champion, WI where the apparition of Mary was said to appear back in 1859 to Adele Brise three times.  Since then countless miracles are said to have occurred there.  

This is big news for Catholics because this is the first place in the US where it is said officially that Mary appeared.  She is said to have appeared and given Adele a mission.  She is said to have announced herself as "The Queen of Heaven who intercedes for the saints."  Adele was told to intercede for the saints and make converts.  She based her life on this appearance.  

The question I have is this:  Why would Mary the mother of Jesus appear in Champion, WI to tell a woman to do these things?

What does the Bible tell us about Mary?

1.  Mary was a virgin betrothed (engaged) to Joseph a, descendent of David, when she was told by an angel that she was with child by the Holy Spirit.  The text in Luke tells us that she found favor with the Lord.  Favor has to do with grace or God's undeserved blessing on one unworthy.  She is not to be afraid of the angel because God has granted her grace.   She gave birth to the Savior in Bethlehem.  (Matt. 1:18; Luke 1:27-38; Luke 2)

2.  Mary had 4 other sons and at least 2 daughters.  (Matt. 13:55; Mk. 6:3)

3.  Mary saw herself as a sinner in need of a Savior and she rejoiced in the Lord and Savior whom she would give birth to.  She is not blessed because of her own intrinsic goodness, but because God chose her to give birth to the only good one and the only Savior of sinners.  (Luke 1:46-48)

4.  Mary was a good mother and cared for Jesus well.  She became His follower and was there when he died and rejoiced when He rose.  She is an example to women in her devotion to the Father and to the Lord Jesus Christ.  However, she was not sinless.  She spoke out of place to Christ at Cana.  She questioned some of the things Jesus did, and she too needed a Savior.  (John 2:4; Luke 2:48; Mk. 3:31-35; Luke 1:46-48)

5.  The Bible does not record any "immaculate conception" of Mary.  She is assumed to have born of natural birth.  

6.  The Bible does not speak of Mary as a "co-redemptrix".  The bible never speaks of Mary as the "Queen of Heaven".  Instead Jesus is said to be the one way of Salvation.  He is the one Savior and Lord.  No one is ever told to pray to Mary or worship Mary.  (John 14:6; Acts 4:12; Ex. 20:3; Eph 4:4-6; 1 Tim 2:5).  

In view of these things I see no reason why God would send Mary to appear in Champion WI and to have so many people look to her and this appearance for there hope.  

Instead, God wants us to pay attention to the revelation of His Son: the one true Lord and Savior and to trust in Him and Him alone for our salvation and hope!  (Eph. 2:8-9; Acts 16:31; Romans 5:8; Romans 10:9-13)

Anything less or more is against God and the message of the Bible.  

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