Monday, June 25, 2007

LP Missions Trip 07 Day 1: The Trip and Opening Night

Thanks for your prayers!
The Lord gave us a wonderfully uneventful trip down! We had a blast fellowshipping, singing, hearing a devotion from Don on the last words of Christ on the earth, watching Swiss family Robinson, and just enjoying each others company. The first night and all of today (Monday) is training time. Our team is learning how to hype the week for the campers, and learning the proper procedure for things. Last night we had a great time of worship in song together. Today they had a session on understanding Urban people and now everyone is out on the ropes course or paintballing. I would have had some pics form that, but I got rained out. Hopefully more pics of this stuf later. We continue to prepare our hearts to reach out the Cinci youth who will becoming tomorrow! Keep us in your prayers! More later.



Mr. A said...

Looks like a great ride! Who are those little kids/ Sure are cute!! I could only get about half of the video but might just be my connection. Hope you are having a great day! Everything is good here. Praying for you! Love, Mom and Grandma!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dub! It's Michelle. Great pics so far. It's awesome that you got to take the fam with you. I know it will be a great experience for them.

You're so close, but so far away . . .

We love you and are praying for you.

Love, Michelle, Jeff, Christe & Maddie

Grace said...

Great pics guys!
Mom says to keep 'em coming:)