Monday, September 26, 2011

Reading "Ashamed of the Gospel" 3rd ed. by John MacArthur

A while ago I had intended to read and critique Love Wins by Rob Bell, but a very basic understanding of the premise of the book refutes itself when compared to scripture.  Also, reading it made me nauseous.  Thus, as I prepare for ministry as pastor of Bethany Baptist Church in Martinez, CA, I want to read and blog about John MacArthur's classic book "Ashamed of the Gospel."  I read the prefaces to the book the other day and I am excited to read it and be challenged again to remain faithful to the preaching of the word!  MacArthur reread the book recently and was struck by how relevant the message remains after nearly 20 years.  100 years ago Charles H. Spurgeon and those who were preaching the word fell on hard times with "the down grade controversy." The people then were clamoring for a message and a methodology that was more in step with the culture of modernism.  The church today is being tempted by this same clamoring for relevance, only now the prevailing philosophy is postmodernism.  MacArthur challenges us to remain true to our mission:  Make disciples by preaching the Word (Matt. 28:18-20; 2 Tim. 4:2)!  True Christianity in this century and beyond, should the Lord tarry, will not be marked by innovation and riding the waves of the culture, but by dedication to the clear preaching of God's word!  

Looking forward to it!  

Sola Dei Gloria!  


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