Thursday, October 29, 2009

Abraham's Plight

How delightful was the newborn babe,
the child of promise had arrived,
the cherished birth of their old age,
the hope of all mankind survived.

He grew in strength and became a lad,
the apple of his parents eyes,
the first full son they'd ever had,
no good to him would be denied.

But then an awful command was given,
the word from up above,
offer him up to God in heaven,
your son the one you love!

Why would God take our son?
why must he now die?
Why would he take the one we love?
Why? was their heart's cry.

How could he be the hope for all,
How could God's word come true,
Abraham believed God the LORD,
and He knew just what he had to do.

The knife raised high into the air,
the lad with fear filled eyes,
the Voice from heaven stopped his hand,
God would provide the sacrifice!

Joyful tears flowed full and fell,
the boy would keep his life,
and so the hope remained alive,
the hope that points to Christ!

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