Monday, August 10, 2009

Exciting New Bible Study In Howard-Suamico!

You’re Invited!

If you live in the Howard-Suamico area of Wisconsin, please consider joining us for a Dessert Fellowship in Howard on Sunday, September 13th at
6:00 O’clock in the evening.

The purpose of this gathering is to tell you about a Bible study that will be held weekly in the coming months. Bible teacher Caleb Azure is looking forward to meeting you and will explain the details concerning the study as well as
answer questions that you may have.

The future Bible study will be based on the book The Stranger On The Road To Emmaus by John R. Cross. The book is about the “big picture” message of the Bible.

We are tenatively planning to hold Bible studies every Sunday at 6:00pm in the Howard-Suamico area beggining on September 20th.

For more information contact Caleb:

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